Arnie’s Trains is happy to offer our customers a selection of upgrade and repair services for your trains.

DCC & Sound:
Our DCC & Sound Technicians, Kevin and Jake, are capable of equipping your locomotives with the necessary parts to make your engines operate smoothly and come to life!

We offer a nice selection of DCC Decoders form SoundTraxx’s Tsunami, Digitrax, MRC, and TCS Decoders.

Labor Rates for DCC Repairs

Sound Install:
Locomotive and Parts Purchased at Arnie’s $45 to $75
Parts Only Purchased at Arnie’s $85.00 to $90
Locomotive and Parts Not Purchased at Arnie’s $150 to $200

Mobile Decoder Install:

Basic Drop In Decoder: Free if Decoder is Purchased at Arnie’s

Hard Wire Decoder $25 to $45

Mechanical Repairs and Maintenance:

Our Repair Technicians are able to help you bring back to life some of your problem locomotives.

We have a wide array of repair parts in HO to N to help you get back on the right track!

(Note:  Some parts may not be available due to manufacture obsolescence)

Give us a call or come on in to see one of our Repair Technicians.

Hourly Rates:

$45 an hour plus parts